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"There can be no more life as usual. We need to live life unusual and get ready for...
the adventure of a lifetime!"


Format :

"There can be no more life as usual. We need to live life unusual and get ready for...
the adventure of a lifetime!"

With her infant in her arms, Henrietta Owens shakes the nation awake with some tough-loving truth about coal, climate change, and the future of humanity. The coal company wants her stopped at any cost. Coal company lawyer Jack Dalton's morality and career collide as Henrietta rallies people to her cause. The stakes are high: life, death, the extinction of humanity. Jack's wife crosses the line of loyalty, his daughter lectures him on heroism, the Appalachians foment a revolution, and the ghost of legendary John Henry shows up to haunt him. The climate change countdown is ticking. Political pressures heat up. The sleeping giant of the common man awakens with a roar. One question hammers in Jack's ears: what are you going to do?

Author/Activist Rivera Sun sings the anthem of our times. Steam Drills celebrates the everyday heroes hidden in activists and soccer moms, alike. Rich metaphor and exquisite writing thrust this novel into the realms of literary greatness, while the story grabs the social issues of our times by the collar and shakes them hard. A soaring tribute to the beauty of the human spirit and also a scathing indictment of contemporary American culture. This unforgettable book seizes you at the first page and sends you flying out the other side, refreshed, rejuvenated and empowered to change.

Have a good read.

Readers Love This Book!

 "This book is a gem and I'm going to put it in my jewelry box!"

 "It dips your head in a bucket of truth."

 "A book you hope will never end."

 "Love, tears, hope . . . this is the symphony of life in words!"

 "This is not a page turner . . . it stops you in your tracks and makes you revel in the beauty of the written word."

 This is a protest novel.

It is intended to wake

God in the heavens,

shake the Devil down in Hell,

and rattle all the people in between.

-Rivera Sun

  "Epic, mythic . . .it's like going to church and praying for the salvation of yourself and your people and your country."

 "Controversial, political, and so full of love."

 "Partway through reading, I realized I was participating in a historical event.  This book has changed me and will change everyone who reads it."

 "I am sixty-two years old, and I cried for myself, my neighbors, our country and the earth.  I cried and am so much better for it.  I would recommend this book to everyone."

 "A hero's story of hope and love!"

 "I can feel the love of the author for the characters, the story, and all of creation."

Short Subtitles 

Steam Drills, Treadmills, and Shooting Stars:

a social protest novel

social protest, eco-activism, and corporate politics collide

an evolutionary love story against the backdrop of America

a race against extinction

an epic for the new millennium


Long Subtitle 

Steam Drills, Treadmills, and Shooting Stars: a social protest novel following the adventures of a corporate lawyer and a socio-political activist in Appalachia as they collide through the contemporary American landscape of ecological disasters, environmental awareness, deep ecology, general systems theory, prisons, corporate politics, war, military, threats, bribes, consumerism, television, radio, and media, global warming, mountain top removal, myth, magic, soul, spirit, betrayal, honesty, transcendental philosophy, revelations, social commentary, inspiration, love, birth, death, and more in an epic adventure of the twenty-first century starring an unforgettable cast of mad American men and women, including the Tightrope Walking Woman, the Prime Time Gladiator, the Midwife of Birth And Death, The Prince of Nothing Who Comes From Nowhere, the Ghost of John Henry, The Ringmaster, The Captain, the Citizen of the Earth, an Appalachian Pugilist, an Allie-gator, a couple of Cowboy Astronauts, the S.O.S. Family, the Steel-Driving Woman, Skyscraper Man, Teacher Says, the Revolutionary Table, and the Moonshine Descendants of No Man's Holler and concludes with a call to action, a compendium of revolutionary documents, and a special dedication to the reader.

 Backcover Copy (saving this for a future novel that is lighter and more comedic)

 With boldness that deserves the "Chutzpah of the Century" Award, Rivera Sun's debut novel comes scorching out-of-the-blue and crash lands into the territory of the great classics.  In hindsight, this story will be awarded gold medal for "The Rogue Book of the Year", and "The People's Pick", but until such as time as those are invented, please join the popular movement to make this book a bestseller.  Thank you.

Reader Reviews:

”Her words melt in my heart like good chocolate melts in my mouth. Go ahead. Have some good chocolate. Taste this book. Taste the questions and some possible answers for the serious issues that face us now. You won't regret it. I promise you.” ~ Occupy Your Heart

”It is rare that I find a 'stay up into the wee hours page turner'. And, that's what I found in Steam Drills, Treadmills and Shooting Stars! It's a peace-filled, roller coaster ride to the end - just like life. So, climb aboard, let go of the safety bar, ride with Henrietta and friends, and imagine the world we can create. Let it land in your bones and discover what calls you to action.” ~ Cindy Reinhardt, author

”If you enjoy old fashioned story telling and folk tales, but you feel dismayed at things too large for one person to change, then you'll enjoy engaging with this novel. Check it out, it will give you food for thought.” ~ Charles A. Simonds

”This is a book written from the principled heart of a citizen of Earth concerned with the well being of the Planet and all mankind.” ~ Blue Eagle

”This story draws you in and doesn't let you go. The language and poetry of the writing is beautiful, descriptive, and pure pleasure to soak in. Each character pops off the page and leaps forward - you root for them and feel inspired by them and their challenges. I had a hard time putting the book down as the suspense grew and hope for each character mounted.

The author weaves a tapestry of love and challenge with poetry, sound, and color. The words seem to have this tangible quality - almost like I could put my hands on the loom and feel them. Remarkable and memorable. I highly recommend this inspiring book for the magic it creates and the change it inspires! ~ Dawn Hayes

And many more. . .

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